Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian followers!

Unfortunately there is no new episode of Heartland airing tonight, but I hope you all enjoy your turkey and/or tofurky dinners anyway! :)

"Why is there no new episode next week?"
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You may have heard of Hockey Night in Canada - a popular CBC program dedicated to covering hockey games. This Sunday is the season opener for the Winnipeg Jets, a new* NHL team, who will be on home ice facing off against the Montréal Canadiens. Hockey Night in Canada usually preempts other programs whenever high-profile games are on, such as this one.

With Heartland, breaks like this are necessary. They only film 18 episodes per season and must make the 18 episodes stretch from September through to the end of March.

Heartland will be back with a new episode on the following Sunday, October 16th!

* The Jets are new, but they’re not really new - Winnipeg had an NHL team for years, but haven’t had one since 1996. The current Winnipeg Jets are actually the Atlanta Thrashers franchise which was bought and relocated from Atlanta to Winnipeg this year. The team was renamed to the Jets in honour of the past NHL team.

Amy and Ty from Episode 503 - “What’s in a Name?”

Amy and Ty from Episode 503 - “What’s in a Name?”

New Episode Tonight - “What’s in a Name?,” #503

In “What’s in a Name,” directed by Grant Harvey from a script by Leila Basen, when Tim reveals to the family that Shane is his son it throws everybody for a loop and threatens to ruin the traditional Bartlett-Fleming naming ceremony for Lou’s baby.

Amy and Lou must deal with the life-changing news that they have a brother, and Shane tries to accept the father, two sisters and baby niece he never knew he had. In the midst of this major revelation Lou also has to contend with her standoffish mother-in-law’s first visit to Heartland.

Meanwhile, Jack and Lou’s father-in-law tackle a messy home repair job that threatens to cancel the baby’s naming ceremony. And Mallory feels that Shane is jeopardizing her place in the family.

Don’t forget to tune in to CBC tonight at 7pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland)!

If you go to http://heartlandoncbc.tumblr.com/, you should see the “+ Follow” button in the top right corner!
Hope this helps. :)

If you go to http://heartlandoncbc.tumblr.com/, you should see the “+ Follow” button in the top right corner!

Hope this helps. :)

"For those wondering, if you look up Verney16 on youtube they have the first two parts of episode 2 (season 5) posted."
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Thanks for the update, toochie! :)

Actually, as of this post, all three parts of 502 have been uploaded to Verney16’s YouTube account. Click here to watch!

Where are Lou and Peter?

For those wondering, here’s a quote from the official Heartland blog:

In the storyline, Lou and Peter are visiting Peter’s parents, showing them their new granddaughter.

The truth is - when the first episodes were being written, Michelle Morgan had not yet given birth to her own daughter, so it was decided to not include Lou in the first block (2 episodes) of filming, so Michelle wouldn’t have to rush back to work immediately after having her daughter.

But be patient for just a little bit longer, ‘cause in a week you will get to see the baby, you’ll learn her name (Yay! - no more calling her “Baby X” or “Mystery Baby” on Twitter) and not only will you get to meet Peter’s parents, but something everyone wants to have happen will finally take place.

Make sure to watch Episode 503 this Sunday, October 2!

New Episode Tonight - “Something in the Night,” #502

When Tim is coerced to go with Jack on a secret mission Amy is left back at Heartland with Janice to get a young race horse (Cisco) ready for his maiden run. Unfortunately, Amy and Janice butt heads (surprise!) over their opposing methods for training the young racehorse. On the road, Jack forces Tim to talk to Miranda and learns why she doesn’t want Shane to have anything to do with Tim, or Heartland for that matter. Meanwhile, Ty’s big plans for a special dinner date with Amy are foiled by troublemakers. In the midst of all of this, Mallory is down on love.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 7pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland)!

Can someone please make a gif of Mrs. Bell chearing after Ty punches Chase twice?


Seriously! Not only was it the most awesome thing I think I’ve seen on this show (the punch(es)), but Mrs. Bell’s reaction nearly gave me an asthma attack. And then Ty just walks away, calm as you please, “I’ll get you those muffins.” Hellz yeah, you will!

That would be an amazing gif! Anyone? :)

Graham and Amber from Episode 502 - “Something in the Night”

Graham and Amber from Episode 502 - “Something in the Night”