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"hi, just thought i might let you know that SaddleClub4Ever23 on Youtube has season 1, 2 and parts of season 3. She uploaded them in a full 44 minutes."
asked by Anonymous

You guys are the best! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll add that account to the YouTube list in the FAQ, too. :)

Episode 110 - “Born to Run”

Horses and the stunning Canadian Rockies. So beautiful.

Episode 110 - “Born to Run”

Amy: “This horse speaks ‘cowboy!’”

Episode 106 - “One Trick Pony”

Amy: [Valerian] is not a drug; it’s one of the herbal remedies we use here. It works really well on a sensitive horse.
 What makes you think Red’s sensitive? I mean, you’ve never even seen him before.
Amy: Well, my mom taught me how to read a horse’s face.

Episode 104 - “Taking Chances”

Mallory: So, Ty didn’t have any idea how to set this up.
Ty: I did so! I Googled it.
Mallory: Google, schmoogle! 

Episode 102 - “After the Storm”

CBC to air re-runs of Seasons 1-3

According to the official blog:

On weekdays at 1:00pm (1:30pm in Newfoundland) starting this Monday, June 20, the first three seasons of Heartland will run in order right through until August 31.

Want to catch up on Season 4 instead? Tune in to CBC on Sunday nights, starting this Sunday, June 19, at 7:00pm (7:30pm in NL)!